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Holy Mammoth Batman!
Holy Mammoth Batman!

Took this photo under a huge skeleton of a wooly mammoth at the Los Angeles La Brea Tar Pits museum. I used to go there as a kid very often with my dad. I would play in the park outside and stick things in the tar that was bubbling up out of the grass. I […]

Ted Shred – Breathing Fire
Ted Shred - Breathing Fire

Taken at the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History. This was their Halloween event and I must say it was pretty spectacular. Above is Ted Shred from Double Dog Dare Productions.


Ava is adorable. Simple as that. Furthermore, she’s incredibly photogenic and LOVES to have her picture taken. I took this photo in Ft. Wayne as part of my bike ride across the country. I actually miss her and her family.

Smearing Hearts

I’m posting this photo because I just sold it and thought I’d post it. 🙂 30 second exposure taken in Hawaii on the way up to Tanatalus. I used my Palm Treo to draw the heart and the light going through the heart is that of a passing car. I took this shot probably about […]

Broken Shells

The beach, my favorite part besides the swimming and the sun, the texture of the sand. Feels great against your body, the salt the breeze. In this shot, crushed seashells litter the beach on Lanikai beach in Hawaii. I asked Erica if she’d roll around in them. It was originally a color shot but I […]

Justin’s Wings
Justin's Wings

The original photo was taken on my Bolsey B2 Camera, 35mm film. The wings were added with a photoshop graphic that I may make available for download on my other blog

Erica Miller
Erica Miller

Erica Miller is a fashion designer from FIT in New York. She just moved back to the island and is busy getting her business, AlohaTron, going. These shots were just some fun ones we took one day at the beach. This was taken on my Nikon EM, 35mm f/2, ISO 400 Kodak Gold.

Glazer’s is Open, and I’m Smiling
Glazer's is Open, and I'm Smiling

Glazer’s Coffee is my favorite place to be. It’s my office, my home when I’m in Hawaii. It’s where me and all my friends go to work, to relax, to meet people, and generally have a good time. It was a place for photographers, students, and geeks. The place is unique in that it’s owner […]

The Wall

This is Waikiki from the Wall. The wall is a walkway extending out from the beach, kind of like a pier but not in this case. It says “No Diving, No Jumping, No Climbing” but people do it anyways. In fact, that’s what you DO when you’re at the wall. The only reason to go […]


This is Amber Francis, she came and visited me a couple months ago from Washington DC. I bought her an ice cream at Rite Aid down the street. This shot was taken with my Nikon EM film camera and is one of my favorites of her.

He likes to lick toilet bowl scrubs…
He likes to lick toilet bowl scrubs...

we intervened once, but he keeps slipping… if he only knew how much he was hurting himself and his friends.

Snowing in the City

Not really, this is me just having fun and messing around with photoshop. I’ll be showing you how you can use a snow filter to make any scene look like a snowy one on my new blog,

Choco Cat!

Been back in Hawaii and haven’t really taken any photos except with my iPhone! These are super pro quality but they’re fun and I like and hope you do too!

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