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The past few days here in Big Bear Lake have been very snowy. I estimate about a foot. I’m super excited because living in Hawaii the past some 4 years I haven’t seen too much snow. Also, I’m stoked to start snowboarding again! I can’t wait to start posting snowboarding photos!


I saw this painting in a breakfast shop in Berkeley, CA. I absolutely loved it and decided to photograph it on my iPhone. I wish the artists info was posted so I could give credit. The colors have been manipulated.

Melissa Kaplan

I met Melissa for the first time at LA Union train station. I contacted her that day on Craigslist’s rideshare section, she was heading up to San Francisco and I asked if I could tag along. We immediately clicked and had a blast! We spent the six hours sharing music that we loved. Melissa is […]

Tim, on the Drums.
This Space, This Place, This Pace.

There’s no other space Like this space Near this space This must be the place There’s no other place Like this place Near this place This must be the pace There’s no other pace Like this pace Near this pace This must be the space

Tim, the Legend.

Tim not only is the most awesome drummer, but he plays the keyboard WHILE he plays the drums… I know right? Someone give this guy an award.

The Hard to Get

Melissa, whom you’ll see photos of soon I’m sure, is a friend of mine that I met on craigslist’s rideshare. She’s in a band. This is the band. The next series of photos will be of her and Tim (the drummer) as they play in Echo Curio in Echo Park, Los Angeles.

Altar for the Dead

Taken on the day of the dead, in the Mission District. Someone stops to pay respects and learn about a lost individual.

Fuzzy Bunny

Took this shot in Mission District of San Francisco. The shot was intentionally blurred and the effects added to this graffiti/street art to give the effect of a toy camera. I absolutely love this photo.

Grinding the Bowl

Taken at Owl Park in Brooklyn.

Cute Girl

In the coffee shop window.

Deep Truths…
Deep Truths...

With friends like you who needs enemas?

What the world needs more of…

Some tolerance and some peace.

Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, and Jupiter

If you look careful you can see only one star in the sky, but it’s actually not a star, it’s Jupiter. I was able to see Jupiter through a telescope that night with its four moons. The sight took my breath away.

Coffee? Tea? Lobotomy?

“I think I’ll just have coffee today, thank you.”

Robot says, “Do the Human!”

Loving the stencil art in Mission District, San Francisco.

Amit’s Bike

This is Amit Gupta’s bike. Awesome concept! You can check out the photos here. Amit is the creator and brains behind photojojo. I interviewed him once on behalf of now interviewed him. You can read about that here.

Susie Lin

This is my friend Susie, she’s gonna kill me for this.

Biking Hard

But not getting too far. My friend Susie took this for me in Berkeley, CA.

Aztec Dancer

On the Day of the Dead Festival. I took this in the Mission District of San Francisco, California.

Koi Crossing

In San Francisco’s Mission District you can find TONS of street art. This was one of my favorites, koi fish painted as if they were swimming right there in the sidewalk.

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