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Catching Snow on Your Tongue
Catching Snow on Your Tongue

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas! This shot makes me smile and brings up the emotion of happiness and memories of being a child.

Glass Beads

Hanging from the ceiling from the department store are glass beads, they were pretty I’m glad I took a photo of them, I almost didn’t.

Jewel City

I just love how this photo came out, very retro…

Eating Waffles…

I had to run and get my camera, the way the light was coming through the windows was so pretty.

The Schellenbergs
The Schellenbergs

Check out the rest of their photos.

Can you see my breathe?
Erica is all snowy

Mason, super adorable, super sweet.

Erica and My Bolsey B2
It snowed here! SO EXCITED!

When I woke up and saw how much it was snowing, I was like asldkfjlaksijdlvkajnsdl;fhalisuhfkljasndlkfjbhas

Yum Coffee!
Max and I
Max and I

First photo I’ve had on explore in a long time. I actually set the camera up on this one and had my brother compose it. I absolutely love this shot because the feel of it is real. This is actually how Max is to people, super loyal, trusting, and loving. It is a bit blurry […]

Lone Skier…
Clouds Cover the Mountains…

like a blanket.

Big Bear Lake, California

Where I’m living this winter.

Coming Down…
What a Great Day!

Today was my first day snowboarding and it was Uh-Maze-Ing!  I can’t wait to go tomorrow.

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