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Rondal Partridge

Couple weeks ago, thanks to my long lost cousin Sally Stein, I had the honor to meet Rondal Partridge, I was told he was 92 years old but I can’t find any verification on that online. We talked about photography a little bit but he mostly wanted to show me his garden and chickens. He had a whole micro-ecosystem in his backyard. The chicken’s poop provides for the fertilizer for the garden, they eat the scraps from the garden. The garden gives Rondal food and the chickens give him eggs.

Rondal dissed on colour photography, he said there’s too much going on and that black and white photos capture the emotions. He’s inspired me to focus more on black and white photography.

Rondal was shocked when I finished his Rubik’s cube, then demanded me to do it again… When I finished in roughly a minute he said I was a “show-off”

Another thing Rondal told me that challenged me was, “A true photographer can take a picture of someone’s back and show their front.”

On his kitchen table.


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