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Rochester First Annual Tweed Ride

Last Saturday I participated in the First Annual Tweed Ride. What is that you may ask? A bike ride in which all participants are wearing tweed. How spectacular eh? There was Banjo playin’ fiddling and best of yet, BIKE RIDING!

There were contests, prizes, tea, mead, and more at the finish. What a grand day! Enjoy the photos, a video is in the works.

Kristy Mathes, showing off her retro awesome bike.

Here we ride through the Eastman House property with the sweet sound of Banjo music on our ears.

We take a quick break from our ride to listen to some bluegrass.

Taken whilst waiting for a red light in downtown Rochester.

Looking dapper aren’t we?

Playing Banjo while biking?! I am astonished.

Enjoying the tunes.

Jason attaches a tape player to his old bicycle. This is where retro meets super retro.

If you enjoyed these photos you can click here and see the rest!

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