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Recent Developments

In film, get it? I’m always playing with one of my many film cameras but I never get time to develop and scan them. Something about film makes you more attached to the image when you take it, maybe because it’s physical or the medium is so unique now. I’ll post some of the photos I really liked and link you to what camera I used for them.

The above shot was taken on my Nikon EM in San Francisco.

Above is a photo of my father taken at Griffith Park in Los Angeles. I took this photo with a German camera called an Agfa Clack, it’s a pretty sweet little guy.

Taken with my favorite film camera, the Bolsey B2, this photo was taken at Forest Lawn Memorial in LA near Glendale. They have some pretty amazing statues and places to walk through.

Same here, the above was taken with the Bolsey B2. This is my good friend Christian Colburn, he’s messing around on the Maid of the Mist on our way to look at the amazing Niagara Falls.

Taken in Moab, Utah, on the Colorado river with the Bolsey B2. This is where I lost my tripod plate… sad day.

Again, Bolsey B2 at Randy’s Donuts in LA with the ever so lovely Erica Miller in the foreground.

Forest Lawn memorial, Nikon EM.

Nikon EM, again Erica Miller, taken at Lani Kai beach on Oahu, Hawaii.

Guy making sushi in Berkeley, CA. Took this with Nikon EM.

Fumi also on our way to Niagara Falls. Taken with Bolsey B2.


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