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NYC Trip – Day 1

This week, as part of a school field trip, my class and I went to New York City to meet the movers and shakers in the photojournalism world.

The first place we stopped was with Frank Fournier. Frank was an exceptionally awesome guy. He had a lot of amazing things to say about photography.

From there we went to Fotocare to listen to two photographers speak about their new collective called “Facing Change.” The photographers that were there were Anthony Suau and Alan Chin. Both pretty incredible photographers with their own distinct style. Alan showed photos from his project on working in the south and Anthony showed us photos from his travels in eastern europe and showing the lives of the people that were there.

After a couple hours of photo’s and talking about the future of photojournalism and “the agency” it was time for us to get a little demo from the Photoshelter. I’ve heard of photoshelter and I may actually even have an account. It’s an incredible service that streamlines everything that a photographer doesn’t want to mess with. From building and maintaining websites to finding a creative solution to sell and show your work for customers to buy.

Another post to come with quotes, and for your pleasure, some random photos from my trip:

Above is a photo of Frank Fournier speaking with us.

I know I’m usually not very sloppy with this blog, but it’s 1:40am and unfortunately I’m being graded on these posts. Had I known this was for school and not to be given to contacts I probably would have used a different blog. So my readers, please bare with me these next couple days as we deviate from my usual posting style.

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  1. kent

    photoshelter is awesome. for my images, anything worth keeping is backed up on there….so needless to say. i dont have much stored on there. hahaha.

    Apr 01, 2011 @ 3:25 pm

  2. Philipson Photography » Archive » Frank Fournier, Words of Wisdom

    […] as I posted before about my first day of my NYC field trip, our first meeting was with Frank Fournier. He said a lot of amazing things so […]

    Apr 03, 2011 @ 5:03 pm


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