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Revenge of the Domo

It was a scary day in peepland.

I took this photo last night for my Studio Lighting class. I can’t tell you how awesome it is thinking of something in your head, going out, and making it happen. I want to thank my brother from another mother, David Brown for accompanying me as I went around collecting supplies through yesterday’s blizzard here in Rochester, NY, and putting up with my bossy commands as he helped build the set and the couple hours he held the reflector. I also would like to thank Serenity Davis for keeping the backdrop smooth.

I’ve always wanted to shoot peeps and I’m so happy I finally got to, even if they were being ravaged and destroyed by an angry Domo. I think I’ll continue to buy some peeps and do some other fun stuff with them. Maybe give them personalities and put them in every day ordinary situations. I’m not sure but this was fun to test out.

If you were wondering what the set up looked like, just don’t judge me the photo quality, this is just so you can see what was happening. There is one thing missing though and that’s the huge reflector that was to the right of the camera that was bouncing fill light on the Domo.

And here’s a shot of the whole set, you can’t see it all from the photo.

I tried several angels and had some really close shots that worked very well but I ended up going with the one above for various reasons and minutes of painful scrutiny.


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