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Under the Bridge


Here in Rochester is a pretty fantastic park called Genessee Valley Park. The city uses these parks pretty frequently and it is littered with amazing bike paths that criss cross the Genessee River, the Eerie Canal, and the 490 which runs right through the park. While riding my bike I found this really interesting location with tons of lines thanks to the overpass. Also, it seemed they were cutting these huge tree trunks that you could literally crouch and walk though. Pretty amazing.

Naturally, I thought it’d be a great place to shoot. I shot here twice, once for a simple landscape and messing around with some lights. Christian photographed me playing my violin and I photographed him. The pictures turned out quite good so we decided to bring in a model. We chose the great Mandy Romano, a mutual friend of ours. The Above photo is an HDR that I took, you can see in the foreground the huge tree trunks I was talking about.


Check Christian out, the hair light coming from the sun on his hood. I filled in the rest of him using my Lumapro 160 and a remote trigger.


And the lovely Mandy Ā Romano. We set up the shot as a thunderstorm was rolling in, and I snapped this photo just before we were bombarded by strong winds and intense rain. Luckily, three of my photo friends were riding bikes through and were watching for a little bit. When the storm hit they helped grab all the gear and run it under the bridge.


This was a test shot but I dug it so much I decided to throw it in.




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