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Bus Photographer

Meet Loring M. Lawrence, the Editor-in-Chief of the “Bus Industry Magazine.”

I bumped into Loring as we both stopped on this corner, at the exact same time, to take a photo of people getting onto a bus. The reason I was taking the photos is it reminded me of an exact same scene in El Salvador and I thought it funny because I was actually in Denver, CO.

Loring, however, was photographing the bus because that’s his thing. Loring has been photographing busses since he was a child and he could go on and on about different busses and models and styles. It was sort of fascinating to me, I’ve never heard of anyone admiring busses, but here he was, photographing them so he could show them to his friends at the upcoming bus convention (no joke).

It sort of made me happy, it made me look at busses differently and now I can kind of understand what he sees in them. I love it when you meet someone, randomly, and they change you just a little bit.


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