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Night Time in Squaw Flat

One of the most relaxing things in the world for me is to go out somewhere, in the night, and take long exposures. It doesn’t matter where, just as long as I can just be alone and focus on what I’m doing. Sometimes it’s just nice to take a pretty photo, without meaning, or context, just something natural.

I took all three of these photographs in Squaw Flat in Canyonlands, Utah. With all the hiking and river rafting I was usually too drained and fell asleep as soon as possible. However, by the time we reached Canyonlands, it was much better. It then dawned on me the second to last night I was there that I could probably get some amazing photographs of the stars.

The first photograph above is the moon setting. Do you see the shooting star?

This is the final version of the photograph I put up earlier. It astonishes me to think that this is a photograph of our actual galaxy.


There are more photos of Moab coming so be prepared. I hope you are starting to realize how amazing this part of the country is.




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