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Los Angeles Anime Con 2011

For fun, my friend Lan Bui and I went to the lobby of this years Anime Con in Los Angeles Convention Center where we did some lighting experiments for the upcoming San Diego Comic Con. My goal was to light and capture people without them knowing any better. So how did the experiment fair?

It was very difficult to capture people by themselves, literally crowds were constantly walking by, and to remain unnoticed and get the look I wanted I was shooting anywhere from 50mm to 200mm. The challenges were many; the moment had to be right, in the right spot while they walked towards me. In addition to that, I had to maintain a perfect line of sight so now obstructions of people’s butts in my frame and nobody standing in front of the flash units which were J-clamped with remote triggers attached to a nearby trash can and another on a light stand hiding next to a pillar.


Here are some candids:



I love this one, it is subtle and just has lots of interesting things, like the lines from the beams, and the umbrella and bright pink hair.












Now my favorite candid of the day:




Some posed shots:





I’m not sure if this is posed or not, but this girl was running like this when I captured it.


If you’re a Naruto fan like me then you’ll love these posed shots.





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