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Washington, DC – Final Thoughts

The week has been intense, with multiple meetings on different days with different agencies. I’ve learned a lot about how to practically go about getting out there and being a freelancer. I made some great contacts that I hope to utilize soon in the future as I start my career as a freelance photojournalist. Based […]

Washington, DC – Day Five
Washington, DC - Day Five

Day five was pretty much the same as all the other days. Same talks, same questions, same answers, different place. Today it was NPR, Reuters, and Washington post. I really loved NPR, it had the feeling of a startup company that has always drawn me in. It didn’t have the same strict feel about it […]

Washington, DC – Day Four
Washington, DC - Day Four

The day started with an awards ceremony at the Newseum put on by my school RIT. The award being presented was the “Isaiah Thomas Award in Publishing.” The recipients, Paul Benoit, Robert Bukaty, Ken Geiger, Stan Grossfeld, Dan Loh, my professor William Snyder, and lastly, Anthony Suau. It was an honor to sit in a […]

Washington, DC – Day Three
Washington, DC - Day Three

The day started with the class heading over to National Geographic to meet Ken Geiger, a frood with an amazing job. I had a great time perusing the offices, taking peeks in to see what people were working on. This is Wilma, she was created in October of 2008 for the cover of National Geographic […]

Washington, DC – Day Two
Washington, DC - Day Two

The day started early with a trip to visit Andy Scott of USA Today. Andy and some other editors from USA Today stressed the importance of getting a broader range of skills. This of course is due to the demand for more photographers to start using video and audio in their presentations. Photography is not […]

Washington, DC – Day One
Washington, DC - Day One

Today was the first day of a week long field trip to our nation’s capitol, Washington, DC. On this trip my classmates and I run around to different agencies like NPR, USA Today, Reuters, and more. Today we met with McClatchy-Tribune News Service or just MCD. This meeting was similar in style and message to […]

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