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Washington, DC – Day Five

Day five was pretty much the same as all the other days. Same talks, same questions, same answers, different place. Today it was NPR, Reuters, and Washington post.

I really loved NPR, it had the feeling of a startup company that has always drawn me in. It didn’t have the same strict feel about it that the other organizations we visited did. Not saying that they weren’t as professional as the others but I could definitely sense a company culture unlike the other places I visited.

Reuters, like many of the others, stressed the importance of video as a skill set, however, I’m not convinced that “Multimedia” is the future. It’s just another tool, in the hands of the story teller.

Washington post was great, we got some of our work reviewed, including the slideshow I made for LA Inc. about Manny Aguirre. I got some great feedback and can’t wait to go back and re-edit. It was also nice to see a lot of the projects my fellow classmates put out this summer.

Today was the last day, I arrived back in Rochester around 4am. Good to be home, since it feels like I haven’t been back since I left for LA.


And now the gallery:


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