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Washington, DC – Day Four

The day started with an awards ceremony at the Newseum put on by my school RIT. The award being presented was the “Isaiah Thomas Award in Publishing.” The recipients, Paul Benoit, Robert Bukaty, Ken Geiger, Stan Grossfeld, Dan Loh, my professor William Snyder, and lastly, Anthony Suau.

It was an honor to sit in a room with such great photographers, I only wish we had some one-on-one time with them. There was a discussion on the topic of “Citizen Journalism” and what it meant, especially now that everyone has a camera. The discussion was thoroughly engaging, and the conclusion was made that a photojouranlist will always be needed because that person has been trained in journalistic ethics, and, as difficult as it is, reports without bias or prejudice. Even a well meaning citizen can approach a subject and photograph it through their paradigm.

During QnA my classmate Josh Kuckens asked, “Isn’t citizen journalism kind of an oxymoron?” Everyone laughed and then began to ponder the depth of the statement. Yes, there are times when newspapers will accept user generated content, but only when the newsworthiness of the content deems it most valuable. However, many of the editors who were on the panel agreed that when user generated content is submitted that they can not always trust that the photo has not been manipulated, staged, or otherwise altered, whether intentional or not.

After the ceremony there was a fancy lunch banquet and we were then free to do as we pleased. A fellow classmate of mine, Hyungwoo Suk, and I decided to go on over to the Natural History Museum. After which we hung out with some firefighters, before I went home to crash.

And now a montage of the day:


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