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Washington, DC – Day Two

The day started early with a trip to visit Andy Scott of USA Today. Andy and some other editors from USA Today stressed the importance of getting a broader range of skills. This of course is due to the demand for more photographers to start using video and audio in their presentations. Photography is not enough. After this meeting I know I have to be quicker and more creative, and I accept the challenge. I also know how important story is, and developing those skills. I’ve already decided to read more and since my kindle purchase last week, I’ve read two books and am on my third. I also need to start following more videographers and not just watch and enjoy their videos but analyze them and try to pay attention to the sequencings and transitions.

USA Today’s campus is quite stunning, and the cafeteria has great food.

I’ve also been challenged to write more, I’m going to have to place some things into place to help me achieve this goal. Maybe a commitment to write a certain number of words, daily. I need to practicing gathering information for captions, and then writing them.

Dar Beiser came to our meeting and gave us some practical advice and some helpful information about the career aspects to photography.


From USA Today we left for Education Week to meet with Charlie Borst, another RIT graduate. He hit the nail on the head when he summed up Education Weekly as “the most important newspaper you’ve never heard of.” We all got a laugh because truthfully most of us had not heard of it. This publication, with a meager staff of 72, and a circulation of only 37,314 magazines in 2010, still has an incredible impact on the American education system. This is mostly due to the fact that every principal and politician concerned with education subscribes to this journal.

After Education Week we went on to visit Getty Images. There we got some more advice:

  • Don’t give up
  • Be passionate
  • Be curious
  • Be relentless in energy
  • Don’t be too shy
  • Get to know your subjects – the most interpersonal pictures are with subjects that trust you
Charlie also stressed the importance of building and maintaining those relationships.
All-in-all, in the words of Dr. Dre, “Today was a good day.”


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