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Washington, DC – Final Thoughts

The week has been intense, with multiple meetings on different days with different agencies. I’ve learned a lot about how to practically go about getting out there and being a freelancer. I made some great contacts that I hope to utilize soon in the future as I start my career as a freelance photojournalist.

Based on the discussions I’ve had with multiple editors I feel that the best place for me to land when I’m finished with school is either back in Hawaii, or in Los Angeles where I’m originally from. I learned also that it’s not so much about taking great photos as it is about telling great stories. I definitely need to work on that aspect of my photography. Technically I’m proficient but I feel I lack the story telling capabilities.

To help myself with these things I’ve decided to start reading more, which I have been doing. (Since making this decision I’m on my 3rd book) Not just reading more but analyzing how the story develops. How it begins, arcs, and then concludes.

I learned about what’s expected of me as a freelance photographer. How much I expect to be paid, how long I should be working, how I should be submitting my work. How to pitch work if I find myself in a situation that I feel may be news worthy.

I wish I was able to meet and discuss these things before I had my summer internship with LA Inc. but I am now looking forward to what I have to do and what I need to learn. I’m just so literal at times that I hope I can get my head around it.

Photography started out as something fun, a way of expression for me. However, I want my photography to mean something more than just something nice to look at for me and my friends and family. I want my photographs to say something, and to make an impact. I have an opportunity coming up to work with a non-profit this quarter. I am going to work on developing this story, so that it can reach a wider audience because it has a deeper message.

I need to get over my fear of asking people for their information for captions, which is easier to do when you’re working for someone, but none-the-less I should not have this dilemma. I need to be content with shooting minor things because, although it looks cool to have a huge event in your portfolio, it isn’t as impressive as pulling off stunning photos of a little league game.



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