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Up in the Air

Saturday morning, late morning, my friend Michael Carnrike sent me a text saying if I wanted to fly in an airplane I better meet him at the airport in an hour.


It snowed the night before, so before we could go up the runway had to be plowed.

While the plane gets filled we look at the plane and take it in.

Soon, we will be thousands of feet in the air.

The plane rumbles to life, shooting adrenaline into my body.

The miracle of flight. It’s good to live when we do.

We made some incredible maneuvers and pulled enough g’s that it was difficult for me to shoot at times, a roller coaster whose track lay only in the mind of the pilot.

Yup, and that’s the ground right there. We pivot on our left wing and corkscrew through the sky.

A scenic pass through Rochester, New York’s very own lower falls. You can see the mist from the waterfall rising up above the bridge.

After we landed I asked Mike if I could take a photograph of him in the front seat before we left.

I had a great time and it was a photographic first for me.

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  1. Maria

    wow… great shots, Joe!

    Feb 23, 2012 @ 11:38 pm


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