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Positive Negative Magazine

Eight weeks of creation and two weeks of production have culminated in this proud moment. As the Art Directors for the fifth issue of Positive/Negative, we have accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. It was not until the first staff meeting that we began to realize and understand the magnitude of this project. As we looked through the previous volumes we felt we could take this magazine to the next level. This meant bringing fresh ideas, new tools, and for the first time, putting the magazine into a digital format. We have much to be happy about with our final print and digital versions of Positive/Negative. Ultimately, this group is going to be a hard act to follow.

The collaborative effort between photographers and designers has been a sort of “right of passage,” taking us from student to young professional in ways we had not imagined. For many of us this would be the first, large-scale project, and to some a daunting task. With a 100-page magazine, there were numerous articles for us to produce. Each article, from conception to completion was scrutinized both in and out of class. With perfection as our goal, we are proud of the fruits of our labor here in this volume.

The staff on Positive/Negative was the backbone of our magazine. We would have been lost without Aaron and Nick, who helped with all the production issues for Positive/Negative. Amanda and Courtney kept all of our layouts consistent and livened every situation. Tawni and Louie looked over all of the photographs. This magazine would not be as vibrant without your eyes and judgment. The magazine is comprised of 100 pages that our perceptive copywriters, Kane and Matthew, carefully inspected to insure no copy issues. Kimi and Steven kept us all organized and focused when it came to making selections and determining the flow of the magazine. Simon Jones, you brilliant vector God! You are a superb illustrator and designer who made the inside covers of our magazine come to life. Last, but certainly not least, our innovative iPad team; Chris, Emily, Kayla and Jess, thanks for your persistence and technical proficiency that allowed us to be the first issue to display our magazine in a digital format.

Lastly, to the entire group, thank you for giving us your best; without your flexibility through changes and your willingness to hear the thoughts of your peers, the magazine would not be what it is. Without question, this is the best volume to date and for that we would like to say thank you again for all of your contributions. Enjoy Positive/Negative magazine.

Lindsey Burris / Joe Philipson



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