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5d Mark II and Holga Lens

Last week I decided to purchase the Holga camera lens for my Canon 5dm2. No reason in particular except that it was only about $25 and seemed like it might be something fun to play with. It came in the mail last night so I took it out earlier today and made some photographs. I did have fun with it but it’s too hard to use in any reliable way.

Here she is, the most expensive Holga I've ever seen.

My room mate Mandy.

A self portrait on the third floor balcony at RIT

Looking out over Kodak Quad

Looking west at Kodak Quad

And then it came

Although I do not think I’ll be using this for stills it has caught my attention as a possible effect for video. I will have to play with it more but if I come up with something I’ll be sure to post an update here with a link.


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