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Near Mahakali Temple – Bhaktapur, Nepal

I say “near” Mahakali Temple because this temple has no name from what I can tell. Nepal has thousands and thousands of temples, some built next to each other. A Nepalese woman once told me that there are more temples and shrines then homes.

I came across this place on my own, and by chance. I started in the center of Bhaktapur and walked north through the ceramics district where people were busy making chillums, candle holders, and other tools for worship. After this short stroll and some single photographs I spent the rest of the afternoon playing with and photographing the children swimming.

A temple to one of the god’s, a moat surrounds the shrine, and the children and villagers near by use the waters to bath and wash themselves after school or a long day of planting in the rice fields. I spent a couple of hours hanging around and making photographs in this area and meeting the local children.


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