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Barton Springs, Austin, TX

It was cold today, chilly, with gusts, and I realized summer is over. I decided to rebel against nature by posting some photos I made this summer while driving back to Rochester from California. Let’s go to Austin TX to get cooled off from the blazing heat of the day. Barton Springs is a fantastic little natural spring in Austin, TX where local people come to cool off from the summer heat. The water is always in the mid 60’s and I was fortunate enough to spend the day here for some relaxation. Naturally I took out my camera to make some photographs. This is now one of my favorite things about Austin, TX.


The dogs run free, unleashed. It’s nice to be able to see them run around, splashing in the water. They don’t fight because everyone is just having such a good time.

I told her I liked her look. I can’t explain it but I just had to photograph her. Maybe it was the nice smile.

As the water rushes from Barton Springs Pool, a recreational area up stream, the water rushes smoothly down this man made obstacle. The volume of the water and the pressure, rushing onto you, had such a meditative quality. The coolness, the rush drowning out all sound. This is Nimai Wong, born and raised in Hawaii. His first real look at what America, “The Mainland” is like.

Nimai’s head with water exploding around him. Shot with a 24mm lens I had to get INTO the cone around his face.

A better look at the spillage, it is positioned under walkway where the recreational center is. Because you don’t have to pay to come to downstream part of the springs you can swim whenever you like, and it’s free. No lifeguards. Just you, nature, and your neighbors.

Jordan Davis cools off in style with while wearing the logo of his all time favorite team ever the Longhorns. He was our host in Austin, great BBQ cook. I shot his wedding last year. Fun times.

This is a woman and a man whom she affectionately called “Daddy.” Apparently, Daddy had just been released from prison and had stopped using meth. He is looking forward to a happy life with the women he loves.

The dedication to the Longhorns fascinates me.


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