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Outing with my Bro.

My brother took the train to see me for my holiday break from school. We both thought it would be important to get together for this time. Danny took the three-day journey from Los Angeles, by train, to come see me.

We did a lot while he was here, drinking, smoking, hanging out. But we mostly caught up, and learned to be brothers again. We have spent too many years apart and in the meantime, both had huge life transitions, as a result we’ve almost become two different people.

Today we went to Lake Ontario Beach Park. He leaves tonight by train and I thought it would be cool to show him the lake before he goes. There, for a time, we turned into kids again.

It was heavily snowing and I just took my iPhone and shot on hipstamatic. There is no post processing done to these prints.

I love you Danny and thanks for coming!


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