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Eddie Adams Workshop 26

Today I applied to the Eddie Adams workshop. It’s an honor to go to this exclusive workshop for students and young professionals. People that go come back transformed in their abilities and I definitely want that same experience. This is the first year I’ve applied, and if I don’t get in this year I still have a few more years to try. I heard that it was better to go with a more cohesive collection and the past year and a half I’ve been shooting video so my most recent work that was cohesive was Nepal. So I chose 19 out of my allotted 20 and I’ll make a gallery in their proper sequence below. No doubt some of these photographs if not all of them will appear in the book that I am creating.

I thought I’d put my essay and photographs that I submitted here for posterity and to share with friends and family. Wish me luck!

Most people just pass through this world, unaware of themselves, of their potential, of their abilities. At least it’s the world I came from, a sprawling desert community north of Los Angeles. I was different and I needed to get out, and when an opportunity to be a private school teacher in Hawaii came, I took it. That decision changed my life in so many ways and it is where I really grasped the idea that a person can change. It was then I bought my first camera and so, as I taught a class of sixth graders by day, I taught myself photography by night. It quickly consumed me.


In time I started shooting weddings and portraits but I felt unfulfilled. I knew there had to be something more. My passion was choking me. I didn’t know what to do; so I rode my bicycle across the United States. It took 3 months. It was in that time, pedaling day by day, 100 miles a day, I worked things out. I proved to myself that I could accomplish the insane. I brought this lesson to my photography and decided to attend RIT.

This is my first year applying because I did not want to waste the opportunity on an immature version of myself. And I know that now I am ready. I want the opportunity to develop my voice in this world and I am up for this challenge. I want to experience this community and I want to be a part of the Eddie Adams Legacy.


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  1. Lindsey

    Nice, Joe 🙂 Good to see all the finals you went with. Best of luck.

    May 31, 2013 @ 6:14 pm

  2. Kent

    Best of luck brother. rooting for you!

    Jun 02, 2013 @ 6:09 am


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