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Bull of Black Mountain

I have never been to a wrestling match until I began to work on this story. In fact, the most exposure I’ve had with the world of professional wrestling was an old Nintendo 64 WWF game. I never really had much respect for it, thinking it was just TV drama for those attracted to violence. But that all changed when I bumped into Gabe one day at my local barbershop. I learned that he was professional wrestler and my barber David went on to tell me all of the things he has seen and heard. It really peaked my interest. Here was a chance to see a world I’m totally unfamiliar with. So when the time came for me to need a story I called up Gabe. The more I learned about pro-wrestling the more I came to appreciate and enjoy it. Even though the outcomes is fixed and the dialogue are scripted, it is for the benefit of the crowd. However the stunts, the injuries, and even the competitiveness of the wrestlers are very real.

In this video Gabreal Saint, the Bull of Black Mountain, gives us a brief glimpse into his life and story as a professional wrestler.

(If you are on your home computer I highly recommend that you Watch in HD)


This is still a learning process so your feedback is very much welcomed.

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  1. Nimai Wong

    Damn brother, that was great. I really enjoyed the point of view of the lens the whole time, it felt both candid and personal. You know what’s strange? I went to my first wrestling match back in April I think it was. A friend of a friend was in it so we all went. I’ve always had a similar opinion of it as you, but I actually really enjoyed it. Regardless of that, I think I would have enjoyed this all the same.

    Jun 18, 2013 @ 3:39 pm


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