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150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg

For approximately a week and a half some colleagues and myself decided to go down to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to photograph the historic marking of the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg for this we use the best photographers from the site. All projections estimated that during the course of the weeks events that 7 million people would be drawn out of major cities around the region. It was true, and finding a place to stay would be difficult. So we opted to camp at a mobile home park very near the Pennsylvania Monument.

This week we all shot for the aim and purpose of making a small magazine about this landmark. We wanted to photograph the battles, the re-enactors/living historians, and most importantly the people who came from all around the world. I aimed my camera at the clash of modern and old and the craze that always comes about during times such as these. Some ideas were more successful than others, and I feel I’ve already delayed this post long enough because of the sheer volume of the photographs and my admitted inability to make a smaller edit. However, we hope to complete a small publication of the events soon which will contain a tighter edit with another 2-3 other contributors.



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