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My Mother

For various reasons, I haven’t seen my mom in 8 years. I don’t blame her. She was feeling an abusive relationship and she had no where to go but back to her homeland of Armenia. She came back a little less then a year ago to try and make a new life for herself. It proved much more difficult then she had anticipated.

She says she likes it better in Armenia, she’s happier, and she wants to go back. So before she decided to leave again I made a trip down to LA to see her. I’ve never spent time with my mom as a single women. I really am proud of her, it took a lot of courage to step out into the unknown, but I can tell she is much happier now.

Each time I point my camera at her she strikes some ridiculous glamour pose. I asked her why she was ruining my pictures, she told me she wanted some new photographs for her online dating profile. I took her up into the hills and around town and made some pictures of her.

Of course she didn’t like them.



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