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Up Your Alley Fest (NSFW)

NSFW, seriously.

What I love about photography is the excuse it gives me to be in places I ordinarily couldn’t or wouldn’t be in. When most of us take pictures we are often saying “look at what I saw” or “look at what I’m doing.”

For me, photography is a tool of exploration The camera is so often for me a door into another world. Like an old episode of Sliders or Star Trek, it can be like landing on another planet. My interests are in people, the things we make, the art we create, language and music we speak and listen to, the festivals we celebrate. It is these things that blends us together and makes us distinctly separate.

Much like a rainbow.

When I heard about Up Your Alley it peeked my interests. It is billed as the “dirtiest fair in America,” a very gay thing in the gayest place on earth. Featuring leather daddies, bondage, leather, vinyl, latex, punks, bears, spanking, watersports (I’ll let you look that up), and all sorts of fetish enthusiasts. I don’t have much experience with gay male culture and I realize, as I hope you will too, this isn’t representative of all gay males, just the more exhibitioniary-kind.

Like swimming, jumping into the deep end is usually how I approach things. I had a really great time, a lot of interesting costumes and characters.



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