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Fractal Explorations – Sand Series II – Signs you are living in the Matrix

Wonder with me, what if our reality was actually a construct? If that were true, which of course you have no way proving one way or another, but… if it were, how could you prove it, visually. What kinds of things could you photograph?

I heard Elon Musk recently talk about the idea that it is mathematically more likely that our reality is a virtual reality. Propose that we as a society develop the ability to create a virtual world, indistinguishable by our sense, to the real world. What if in that world, you created laws, and set in motion those laws that one day created life, and eventually sentient life? At some point that sentient life could develop the ability to create a virtual world, et cetera, a fractal in itself. This basically sums up what is known as simulation theory.

Anyway, with this in my head, you think about the laws of nature. The laws that govern how our reality functions. Gravity, Bernoulli’s Principle, Relativity, etc. All of these laws dictate forces we can and can’t necessarily see, but one such equation is responsible for how nature assembles itself visually and was discovered by a mathematician named Benoit Mandelbrot. He was able to deconstruct nature into the famous equation: f(z) = z^2 + c

Fractals are like the code that constructs our visual reality, from the tiniest of particles to the massive systems of galaxies and everything in between.


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