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Blunts and Big Fat Dummy’s
Blunts and Big Fat Dummy's

“Still Dizzy” with blunts and the “Big Fat Dummy” #steelisreal #bigfatdummy #surly #lariver #bluntinhand

Christian Soldiers in America’s Fight for Theocracy

The true face of #sharialaw in America and the greatest threat to our democracy is the Christian Theocrat. Seeing this photograph I made from the recent Pro-Trump rally in Seattle and remembering the Christian overtones and warlike atmosphere reminded me of this song we sang in church, a song that I sometimes led the congregation […]

Change of Weather
Change of Weather

It’s good to be home, the weather here is so nice. From Rochester’s cold to Seattle’s misty rains, it’s nice to have the sun and ocean breeze again. #longbeach #lbc

Indigenous People’s Lead the Protest in Seattle
Indigenous People's Lead the Protest in Seattle

#maydayseattle #mayday #seattle

Protests Pause for Pot
Protests Pause for Pot

Opposing sides at Seattle’s Mayday demonstration take a break from arguing to roll joints and smoke weed with each other. Immediately, tension disappeared and both sides shook hands. #peacepipe #marijuanasavestheday #mayday #seattle #protest #420

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