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A Hike through Mormon Rocks

As a kid, I would often stare out the window, admiring the vast landscape. Often we’d be driving on Highway 138 through the Cajon Pass and I would see these amazing rocks jetting out of the earth. Pocketed with holes, I would imagine Native Americans hiding pottery and other treasures in the thousands of possible hideouts.

Now as an adult, I live about 10 minutes away and I just had not taken the time to go out and check them out. Yesterday, that changed. A couple of friends wanted to check it out and so we went. It was pretty amazing, and I realized immediately that I need to come back and make some proper images with my DSLR.

“Beginning elevation is 3360 feet. This 1-mile loop trail was built by the Forest Service fire engine crew in 1975.  These striking sandstone formations are riddled with small holes and caves; home of the owl, lizard, and pack rat. In the cliffs watch for White-throated Swifts, hawks, and ravens. In the chaparral look for coast horned lizards, California Thrashers, and Western Kingbirds. All along the trail there are excellent views of the Mormon Rocks and Cajon Pass area.” –


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