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Wasteland Weekend 2018

Wasteland 2018

This Wasteland Weekend was not my first, but I had a lot of firsts at Wasteland 2018.

This was the first year I was on “build crew.” It was very cool seeing the land turn from a nothing desert to a vibrant city from some uncertain future. I had a great time helping and learning to build wasteland. I got to meet some great people from all walks. Talking story and sweating it out with people from all sorts of creative fields.

This was the first time I got to work on a project from the comfort of my new rig and home.

Our Rig at Wasteland!

This year, I wanted to focus on some of the vehicles, and arriving early gave me an opportunity to make a few unique images before the rest of the tribes arrived.

Wasteland Rides

Gladiator Portraits

Thanks to Oolf Blood for allowing me to enter the pit and make these portraits of the gladiators before the fighting started. If you’ve never seen a fight, I managed to lean my phone up against the cage to capture a small video clip while I was making photographs.

K-Rats Army

I had the pleasure of meeting and working alongside Walter and Lynn from the K-Rats army. We were actually camping close to each other and during teardown I got the chance to make some fantastic images of the Kinderpanzer, or “child tank” and to get a history lesson from Walter who said:

“The Kinderpanzer was conceived in 2017 in response to the recent invasions from neighboring powers into the Germanic territories. With limited resources and heavy casualties, a child sized tank was developed. A crew of two children could now do what once took 5 adult men. Without much training a child could be raised in several years and graduate from youth camps and placed directly into combat. Road signs and other metallic materials were salvaged from the countryside to produce the kinderpanzer’s armor giving each a unique look.”

An unnecessarily long video of too many people riding inside the Kinderpanzer.

More Photos!

Each year I make a Wasteland book for sale or barter. I’m excited to include a few of these new images into my ongoing series. This year, I focused on making images of people and their outfits. I also wanted to photograph the cars a bit more than in year’s past.

If you’d like to see a sample of what my Wasteland book looks like, I have a selection on my portfolio. Please consider supporting independent artists this holiday season by treating yourself or someone you know to a book or print.

Couple more random videos…

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  1. Ofer

    Thank you for your beautiful work Of Art. And that you for taking our photo wry our RatRod

    Dec 05, 2018 @ 3:46 am


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