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Giant Nolina

Nolina parryi, aka Parry’s Nolina, Giant Nolina, or Bear’s Nolina, is a hardy desert plant with long, thin, flexible leaves that make it easy to tell apart from Joshua trees or yuccas.

In the spring, Nolinas can grow a very tall flower stalk– up to 12 feet tall. The flowers are cream-colored and appear like a popcorn cone on top of the stalk. Nolinas are slow-growing plants that can live hundreds- possibly even over 1,000 years old.

The leaves have sharp teeth running along the edges. Nolina grows in higher elevations up to 7,000ft.

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20220109-CA.Joshua.Tree.NP.419 – Hidden Valley, Joshua Tree National Park Photograph by Joseph Philipson


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