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Up Your Alley Fest (NSFW)
Up Your Alley Fest (NSFW)

NSFW, seriously. What I love about photography is the excuse it gives me to be in places I ordinarily couldn’t or wouldn’t be in. When most of us take pictures we are often saying “look at what I saw” or “look at what I’m doing.” For me, photography is a tool of exploration The camera is so often for […]

Mummer’s Day 2015
Mummer's Day 2015

Last year’s Mummer’s parade opened me up to the oldest, and probably craziest, folk festival in the United States. I have described it to friends as the Mardi Gras of the East coast. This year, I managed to get out to the afterparty over on two-street. I wanted to focus on the fun, mayhem, and the drunken […]

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